Friday, January 29, 2010

New Painting by Ted Gahi & Tatiana Berg at Nudashank

Opening Reception: Friday, February 12th, 7pm-10pm

Ted Gahl is a painter based in Providence, RI, on the verge of finishing his MFA at RISD. His work was recently featured in Postcards from the Edge at Zieher Smith, NYC, Not Abstract1 at Parker's Box, Brooklyn, and New American Paintings: MFA Edition 2009.

Tatiana Berg is an artist based in NYC and recently received her BFA from RISD. She recently was an artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center.

School 33 Opening Tonight

After Image

Curated by Jamillah James

Opening Reception January 29th 6-9pm

The term afterimage describes when an image persists in one’s vision, even after exposure to the original image has ceased.

The artists in this exhibition employ aggressive appropriative strategies—hacking, remixing, erasing, translation, and so forth—to disorient viewer expectations and to offer new interpretative and narrative possibilities.

Matters of ownership and authorial privilege are now greatly problematized by the volume and fluid interchange of information on the Internet. Artists are reflecting this cultural shift with a more deliberate presence—literal or technical—in their work, and, especially, interjected into that of another. Unusual juxtapositions invest mundane or familiar objects with new vitality and forge new histories. Simple cut-and-paste (by hand or digitally) becomes a revelatory and critical act. Referencing and borrowing are now commonplace, and are no longer exclusive to new media work.

Ultimately, these practices exploit the rift between history and the formation of memory—how do we reconcile an image or object's original intent, meaning, and context with new exposures? If an image has a past and a present, who determines its future and how? The artists selected for AFTER IMAGE take this moment as an invitation to intervene, and to further diffuse the concept of artist as sole maker of meaning.
Transhuman Conditions at the Arlington Arts Center.

A little late notice for the opening. This show features a few artists that have influenced me: Arakawa and Gins and local artist Laure Drogoul.

Frontline: Digital Nation

This looks promising as a summary of the way digital media has so quickly become an active part of our lifestyles.

The episode airs online at this link and on television, Tuesday, February 2nd, at 9:00 pm.

Here is the trailer:

Closing at Open Space Gallery

Come take a lasting gaze or a first peek or your final breath at the Püss Füst closing on Saturday January 30th, 2010 from 7 pm - 10 pm. The performances / booths won't be in session, but the debris from the events, gallery installation & video reel will all be around for a final intimate exchange.

Open Space Gallery
2720 Sisson St Baltimore
Next to the Auto Body shop, behind the alligator mural


Open Space is pleased to present the second annual Püss Füst, a festive marathon of all-girl phenomena. In addition to artwork on floors and walls, ladies will be taking over all of the Remington based gallery, presenting dance routines, musical performance, interactive kiosks, and doo wop.

Artists include:
Rahne Alexander, Alisa Alig, Kristen Anchor, Mia Ardito, Diane Barcelowsky, Michelle Belfield, Annika Blomberg, Hannah Brancato, Muffy Brandt, Ingrid Burrington, Mylinh Chau, Theresa Columbus, Caitlin Cunningham, Pilar Diaz, Liz Donadio, Timmy Dougherty, Lara Emerling, Eleanor Farley, Samantha Garner, Mollie Goldstrom, Liz Hayes, Maya Hayuk, Kendra Hebel, Christine Herz, Elizabeth Hollon, Jungil Hong, Ann Kelly, Stefani Levin, Amy Lockhart, Xander Marro, Keelin Mayer, Sarah Milinski, Monica Mirabile, Jamie Mohr, Maire O'Neill, Beth Pakradooni, Shana Palmer, Claire Plumb, Erica Prince, Natalie Purkey, Katherine Anne Ralston, Lindsay Rowinski, Molly Siegel, Hayley Silverman, Kat Sotelo, Hillery Sproatt, Brina Thurston, Sarah Tooley, Eden Veaudry & Caitlin Williams

+ more!

curated by Molly O’Connell, Maire O’Neill, & Sarah Milinski

2 moments in time

State of the Union Address 2010:
Like him or not , regardless of what is right or wrong. president Obama is a great speaker. Dispite the U.S. government's negative track record and beyond nations and humanity on the physical plane, Obama has a great way of verbalizing the powers of the human spirit.

My you live in interesting times.
-Old Chinese curse. What other times are there? :)

We've seen things like the new IPad in science fiction movies years ago...

Thoughts become things!
-Mike Dooley

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artist Topics

The first class was very insightful. Discussion focused on the development and improvement of ones artist statement.

Adam Parker Smith: The Bad. The Bad. The Bad At the bad

The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland presents the exhibition The Bad. The Bad. The Bad.

This exhibition of new works detours from Smith’s previous exhibitions, which focused on interpersonal relationships, romance, and sexuality, directing us now to reflect on, as Smith says, “our relationship with ourselves, with death, with our fears and paranoia, and our imaginations and how we deal with the unknown”. Smith combats the potential heaviness of these subjects with an incredible sense of humor and warmth injected into each piece, both to soften the blow of some difficult topics, but also to create this sense of cognitive dissonance that can keep the viewer on edge, never knowing if they should laugh or cringe. This dissonance may be most exaggerated in Smith’s back gallery installation, “Thriller”, where he invites the viewer to wade out into a waist high photographic ocean, only to be confronted humorously with our fear of death. The Bad. The Bad. The Bad. will feature photographic, video, installation, sculptural, and mural works from Smith.

Ends Thursday, April 1

UMD Stamp Gallery Submissions

The Stamp gallery at the university of Maryland gives young and emerging artists and curators a unique opportunity to increase their visibility and present work to an engaged and academic community. The gallery is invested in providing opportunities for developing and emerging artists and curators to present work that is innovative and challenges the community to think critically about the issues it addresses. the Gallery goal is to exhibit work by emerging and mid-career artists and to provide those artists with an opportunity to show their work in a academic community. the gallery also provide a staff to aid in installation and de-installation of exhibitions.

more info can be found at THE STAMP GALLERY

Openings and Events, tomorrow - Friday, January 29th

David Page, "Staan Nader, Staan Terug!" (closing party) - Stevenson University, 5pm

Two openings at School 33, 6-9pm

Torpedo Factory - Open Call for Exhibitions - FEBRUARY 1st!!!

This deadline is coming up!

Torpedo Factory - Alexandria, VA

Visiting Artists Critiques

This is our lineup of visiting artists for the semester:
Feb 25 Paul Jeanes
March 4 Alexa Brooks
March 11 Rene Trevino
April 8 Tanya Ziniewicz
April 15 Dane Nester

We have three options for critique structure:
1) Everyone gets a crit with one artist; 3 crits per class; longer individual studio crits.
2) Everyone signs up for a crit with two artists; 5-6 crits per class; shorter individual studio crits.
3) Everyone brings a piece for discussion with each visiting artist; everyone gets feedback from all five of the visiting artists.

Think about this and do some research on the artists in the coming week (if need be) - we will take a vote next week to decide what the structure will be.

Class Next Week - February 4th

We will be meeting at the Creative Alliance around 6pm!

-Gallery talk at 6:30pm with Mark Eisendrath & Rachel Rotenburg, "How Did You Do That?"

-Meet upstairs afterwards in Amalie Rothschild Gallery

Bring HW to discuss: Meet this week with the person you chose, and write about their work as you see fit. (Might be helpful to imagine that you are writing a press release for an upcoming show). This could be accompanied by image(s) if you wish. Liz and Jae Yeon - since you were both absent this week, you should write about eachother's work.

Upcoming Exhibition Proposal Deadlines for Curators/Artists:

Creative Alliance/ Amalie Rothschild Gallery, due Tuesday, February 9th

MD Art Place/ Curator's Incubator, due Friday, February 5th

York Arts - "Multidimensional Materiality" - curated by Amy Boone-McCreesh

Opening reception: Friday, February 5, 7-9pm