Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adam Parker Smith: The Bad. The Bad. The Bad At the bad

The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland presents the exhibition The Bad. The Bad. The Bad.

This exhibition of new works detours from Smith’s previous exhibitions, which focused on interpersonal relationships, romance, and sexuality, directing us now to reflect on, as Smith says, “our relationship with ourselves, with death, with our fears and paranoia, and our imaginations and how we deal with the unknown”. Smith combats the potential heaviness of these subjects with an incredible sense of humor and warmth injected into each piece, both to soften the blow of some difficult topics, but also to create this sense of cognitive dissonance that can keep the viewer on edge, never knowing if they should laugh or cringe. This dissonance may be most exaggerated in Smith’s back gallery installation, “Thriller”, where he invites the viewer to wade out into a waist high photographic ocean, only to be confronted humorously with our fear of death. The Bad. The Bad. The Bad. will feature photographic, video, installation, sculptural, and mural works from Smith.

Ends Thursday, April 1

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