Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peter Schjedahl article on exhibit at the New Museum

Peter Schjedahl's take on the Dakis Joannou collection/Jeff Koons curated show at the New Museum in the New Yorker magazine, March 15. He thinks the exhibit is agressive and great, but he also addresses the larger social context in which this takes place, namely the mega collectors of "abominable wealth" intermingling with the relatively poor (except for the Jeff Koonses of the world) artist class. If art reflects society, for which I think is a pretty powerful argument, isn't there a kind of poseur mentality in the "noblesse oblige laced with a left-libertarian raciness" which characterizes the nexus of art stars with the aristocracy of wealth and social clout in the context of a society struggling with foreclosures and economic depression? See

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