Monday, February 22, 2010

Openings and this week

Huge thanks to all of you who took the time to come out for my closing on Saturday! It was wonderful to see you all there - it was great Towson contingent. I'm looking forward to supporting you all at future openings you are involved in.

Congratulations, also, to Maggie for an absolutely stunning MFA exhibition! I overheard a great deal of very positive response from visitors as I made my own way through the work. And already some great coverage on Bmore Arts!

For this week, we will be getting started with the visiting artists agenda for the semester. Paul Jeanes will be our first visitor. As you all know, we did signups last week. (Chip, I've added you to the schedule.) What follows are the results of that; make note, and feel free to discuss with eachother if you'd like to swap. Crits should last about 20min, and everyone gets two.

February 25 - Paul Jeanes
Crits: Criselle, RuSean, Liz, Jae Yeon, Steven

March 4 - Alexa Brooks
Crits: Marie, Maggie, Juan, Adam, Mike

March 11 - Rene Trevino
Crits: Steven, Jae Yeon, Mike, Michelle, Amy, Maggie

April 8 - Tanya Ziniewicz
Crits: Adam, Juan, Marie, Rob, Amy, Chip

April 15 - Dane Nester
Crits: Criselle, Liz, Rob, RuSean, Michelle, Chip

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